Monday, December 29, 2008


First of all:
I got a new red iPod nano for Christmas!!! Yaaaaay!!!

Okay. So now that I got that out, I suppose you're wondering what life is like with more mutants in the house.

Uhm, it's not easy, that's what.

There have been some minor difficulties that still need to be worked out. Aaron's being picked on by Maxie and Kyle a lot, and sometimes Axel chips in. I mean, give the bat a break! Speaking of which, I have discovered that Aaron does have wings. They fold up in these crevices in his arm. I haven't seen them out yet, so I don't know what they look like. Also, another fun discovery is that he kind of subconsciously uses echolocation. Trinity was complaining about a strange high clicking noise. Turns out it was Aaron.
Yeah. And then there's the issue with Kyle and Anona.
Anona doesn't like Kyle, but Kyle likes Anona, thus there is this love-hate relationship going on between them. I just want to sigh.
And then Cody is an introvert. We try to get him to come out, but he's always ashamed because of his stunted wings and then goes and finds a place to hide. I still haven't seen his wings yet.

And don't get me started on Fang.

No one seems to like him much, and that's because Fang is just the biggest jerk ever. Rude, crude, and nasty to everyone. He beats Ulric when it comes to untameable hair. Like dude! The freak's hair needs to be reserved for the manga art! No one can go around with hair like that and get away with it! But somehow, he does.
The only person who seems to remotely want to associate himself with Fang is Andy. And it's scary seeing a little, frail, ten-year-old boy next to something as destructive as Fang. The freak could take off Andy's head.
But Andy says that Fang is troubled by something. He can't tell what because Fang can somehow keep Andy out of his mind.
I know when Andy is in my mind. There's kind of a small tugging. Fang knows and then keeps him out.
But Andy thinks that Fang isn't what he appears to be. He thinks the freak is trying to deal with something that has hurt him for a long time...
I'm trying to relate. The way I deal with having Aleron betray me is writing about it. Maybe Fang should keep a diary?
Hah. I don't even think he even knows how to read. Hadn't bothered to learn, probably, when he lived down in the sewers.

Oh shit!

Ulric and Fang are locked in combat! They better stay away from the tree!
I don't want this Christmas/New Years ruined because of them!


- Red


Poppy said...

Don't let him eat the boy! D: Andy's too cute!! Hmm... Maybe Fang wants a hug? I'd give him one... when he wasn't looking.


Avalon said...

Poppy: HOw much do you change your picture?????