Wednesday, December 10, 2008

On-the-Run, but it's not us this time

Ahhh...leave it to a cup of hot chocolate to warm you right up.
To those of you out there in the colder states, I suggest you go brew yourself a cup. It's heavenly.
But that's not what I'm going to write about.
I've got news.
Dr. Kephason has gotten Andy's brain equalizer finished, and Andy is wearing it. I have to admit it's rather cyber-punk, but that's okay because it looks cool.
So now that Andy can actually focus and think now, he upon my request engaged his built-in cerebro and searched for mutant escapees.
What he told me amazed me.
In New York (my crib yo! Where I was created), there are at least three different mutants, all created by the Society. In Wisconsin there is a rogue mutant. There's one near Wabasha, Minnesota, and another right in New Orleans, where we had been last summer.
So what are we going to do?
Well, Kephason was all for going looking for them. Who knows? They could be found out, and that would be bad.
I myself am not too keen on lugging my arse around the country looking for mutants. We don't own our own personal jet, like in X-Men, that launches right from the basketball court.
We don't even have a basketball court.
Yet, at least.
So we have several options here, in my mind.
First one is to not go on the rescue mission in the first place, but that option is totally out. Second option is that I take Ulric and Trinity and we run across the country, searching for the mutants and taking them with us. Third option is to have Kephason buy airplane tickets and we all go to the aforementioned states and find the mutants that way.
Option three so far has the majority appeal.
Plus we can stay in hotel rooms, and I won't be paranoid when I'm out incognito and flying to find mutants and calling Andy up on my cell for confirmation. My phone is probably tracked, just like everyone else's.
But it's set in stone.
We're heading east people. Not as on-the-run mutants, but as a rescue team.

This is going to be nuts.

- Red


Poppy said...

Mutant Rangers! That's all I can come up with.

Robert Varulfur said...

Coolness, I wonder what the others can do. I'm eager to find out.

Avalon said...

WHen are you going to post again?
I'm hanging on your.... posts.

Avalon said...