Saturday, December 6, 2008

My week so far...

So you’re probably wondering how it’s been going living here under Kephason’s roof.
Here’s my week in a nutshell.


9:30 am: Woke up to the sound of Papercut playing on my alarm. A dose of Linkin Park to get me started in the morning.

10:20 am: Decide to work out. Go down to Rec only to find Maxine at the Stairmaster. Annoyed, I get on the treadmill.

12:40 pm: Take shower and go to the “Refectory”. Eat ramen and an apple. Stop the boys from causing a food-fight.

1:00 pm: Checked on Andy. He’s doing well.

1:20 pm: Play pool with Trin. Fling cue at Maxine for telekinetically messing up my moves.

2:00 pm: Personal cell phone arrives by mail. Kephason insists that I carry one around. Assemble phone.

2:30 pm: Lounge for about an hour. Try my hand at texting.

3:00 pm: Suppressant for all! Kephason takes us into town. An hour drive.

4:40 pm: See Eagle Eye in theaters. Get paranoid and take battery out of cell phone.

7:00 pm: Dinner at Chipotle.

9:08 pm: Arrive home. Wait for the suppressant to wear off. Play Twister.

10:12 pm: Check email.

10: 14 pm: Attempt to load CD game onto laptop.

10: 15 pm: Am reminded that apple computers aren’t compatible with games. Spend rest of night reading. Suppressant wears off.

2:00 am: Take night flight.


10:00 am: Beat Max to Stairmaster. Woot!

10:28 am: Use treadmill.

10:32 am: Fall off. Decide to use wind tunnel.

10:40 am: Cruse at speeds of 212 mph. New no-dive record folks!

10:52 am: Texting while flying. Nice.

12:04 pm: Eat lunch. Juggle root beer bottles.

12:12 pm: Offer root beer to Maxine. Watched as root beer blasted from bottle. Laughed ass off.

12:24 pm: Kyle lights curtains on fire.

12:30 pm: Axel runs through wall, nearly concussing himself.

12:43 pm: Maxine and Trin duke it out in the Lounge. Maxine breaks TV with force.

1:00 pm: Ulric does up his hair.

Rest of day: Find reasons to not come out of my room until dinner.


11:00 am: Woke up sore. Decided not to work out.

11:43 am: Spend time on the internet. Did unto dim-witted pre-teens.

12:30 pm: Be bored.

1:00 pm: Played Scrabble with Andy. He won with the word phospholipid.

2:07 pm: Drew in sketchbook. Made mental note to get a new one.

3:12 pm: Helped assemble new TV. Max gets Repressed for punishment. Ha!

4:00 pm: Watched The Incredibles on DVD. Made plans for spandex costume.

5:00 pm: Spandex lost appeal. Leather is favorable.

5:13 pm: Screw costume. Don’t need one anyway.

Rest of day: Putted around.


Spent all day trying to decide who I should be more pissed at; Maxine or Kyle. Anyway, the wind tunnel is out of commission because of them.


10:00 am: All-day shopping spree! Went into town.

11:00 am: Haircuts. My hair was relayered. Trin dyed her hair again, Ulric got a trim, and Maxine got blonde streaks in her hair. Kyle and Axel didn’t need cuts, nor did Andy.

12:04 pm: Clothes shopping. Made sure that every piece of clothing was not the same as Maxine’s. Good thing she preferred blue and green over black and red. Jeans I thought would be an issue, but it turns out that Maxine actually likes skinny jeans. I picked up a pair of cargo pants and a few pairs of bootcut jeans.

12:48 pm: Game Stop. Gagged as Max chose a P!nk album. Purchased Meteora. Got new headphones.

5:00 pm: Returned home. Spent rest of day lounging about.


Must stay repressed entire day so Gale can get wall fixed.

10:34 am: Sneak down to Rec to work out.

12:00 pm: Shower and lunch.

12:34 pm: Worker people asked why I’m not in school. Apparently they found out. Told them I’m home schooled. Went to Lounge to play Texas Hold ‘Em with Ulric and Trin.

2:00 pm: Went out an made a gimpy snow angel. Ulric and guys initiated snow-ball fight. Outside lost appeal since we were all repressed. Went in and played the X-Box.

3:30 pm: Practiced handstand. Tried bleu cheese. Brushed teeth right after.

5:10 pm: Went online.

And now here’s where I stand. Everything’s been quite eventful so far, as you can see.
Though something still disturbs me. Not about my life or Kephason (he’s trustworthy).
Well, sort of about my life.
I mean, what happened to Aleron? What about the other mutants down there in the Lair?
Now that I’ve seen the Lair, I can’t take my mind off it. It’s hard imagining what it would be like living down there…
I know the Society is going to have a hard time tracking us, now that they don’t have Andy, but still.
Once Kephason finishes building Andy’s mind Equalizer, I’m going to see if Andy can find out what’s going on.
I won’t ask him when he’s so sick. He has a hard time finding where people are when they’re in a different state. He blacks out.
I bet he was going through hell trying to track Trin, Ulric and I…
Well, I should sign off now. I promised Andy I would play a game of chess with him. Even when he’s repressed it seems the kid knows what I’m thinking.
Then again, I do suck at chess…

- Red


Robert Varulfur said...

How did they break the wind tunnel???

Red said...

Maxine and Kyle were rough-housing around it, and broke it. Most likely it was Maxine's force-field.

I'm pretty pissed about it, but Kephason is fixing it up.