Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Late Christmas!

I'll have to make this quick because we're finally, finally, opening presents, thus giving me an excuse as to why this is short.
Anyway, I'm sure you knew we were traveling across the country to rescue a few mutants.
Well, they're rescued, and they're in this house as we speak.
So we have six new mutants in the house!
Their names are Aaron, Katrina, Cody, Leanna, Selina, Anona, and (last and whom we all wish would leave) some monster who calls himself Fang.
I didn't pick the guy's name! He by far is the most mutantish of all of us. And the angriest.
Aaron is the first one we found. He is a bat-hybrid, microbat, to be technical. Meaning he eats bugs and uses echolocation. And he has really big, bat-like ears, and has incredible hearing. Like incredible. He has long hair, big eyes, and wears big, thick rectangular glasses. He's tall and skinny, and has fangs and a high voice.
We call him batboy, just for kicks. He's very shy though, so he doesn't talk to anyone much. Trinity talks to him, and she was the first person he shown his ears to, since he mostly wears a big hat to hide them. I suppose he's just trying to avoid ridicule from Ulric, Kyle and Maxine, who would go and pick on him.
Then there's Katrina.
Now she's got wicked cool powers. If you ever need a surgeon, call her up, because there's no other person around who can painlessly extract a brain tumor in seconds without needing to put the patient down for a snooze.
She can "displace" objects without touching them, and she has x-ray vision. As long as she can see the object, she can displace it, and since she's got x-ray vision, there's absolutely nothing she can't see.
We found Cody, Selina, and Leanna together. Selina can turn invisible, clothing and all, and Leanna (who's twelve years old) can make plants grow and can manipulate them. She's got big, hypnotizing green eyes and adorable wavy ringlets of brown hair.
Cody is a bird-hybrid. I haven't seen his wings yet, but I heard they were small and stunted, or so says Selina. He keeps them hidden under his baggy sweatshirt. He's got blonde hair and blue eyes, thus making him look just like an angel.
Then there's Anona, who is, hands down, the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I say beautiful, because she's not hot, not pretty, not cute, but just down-right true-love beautiful. You can't be jealous though, because she's also the nicest person I've met. Very easy-going. Ulric blushed around her.
Her power is that she can sort of turn into a gust of wind. Not quite though, but that's what it seems.

And then we have mister monstrous and dislikeable. Fang.

Imagine a gargoyle without wings or horns. That's fang. Imagine a human being with gray-lavender skin, red eyes with the "whites" of the eyes being yellow, and having animal-like legs with huge claws at the ends of his toes. He has claws on his hands, and he has fangs. His fangs though, unlike the others, are retractable, like a snake's, meaning that when he opens his mouth up, he exposes these huge canines that would make people run. Fang also has a huge tail that's a little longer than his height. It's big, flexible, and powerful. He also has long pointed ears and (get a load of this) mounds of angel-blonde hair on his head.
He's not furry, just in case you were getting confused. Just hairy, with all the hair being on his head.
His power is simply utter ferocity. And making us want to kick his ungrateful ass.
Sad thing is, we can't, because he weighs about 370 pounds, due to muscles and extra body limbs, and he would probably rip us all to shreds.
Wait. He can also blend into the shadows and sort of...become one. I remember he did that when we first fought with him.
He stays away from us and we stay away from him. That way, we're all happy.
Anyway, it's present time!
I'll post more later.

- Red


Poppy said...

Wow. O_o That's scary. Now there are like, multiple Fangs I know of. This one, Maximum Ride, and of course my ex-crush. xD

Damn, that must scare everybody though. Has Ulric tried fighting him yet? [eager to know]


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