Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Return of The Ultimate

This is god speaking, the creator of this story that ended in an abrupt and unexpected manner more than a year ago.

I stopped posting due to the fact I was unsatisfied where the story was going and the turns that it took. But now I realize the biggest mistake was to keep this story at bay for too long, since it heavily relies on the passing of time.

So now, after a year of thinking about it, I’ve decided to revive the Ultimate, with some edits.

Edit one:

The biggest; I’ve removed some minor characters (don’t worry. Ulric isn’t leaving). These characters are Selina, Anona, Faun, and the small twins briefly mentioned in Trinity’s blog.

Edit two:

Katrina’s character has been slightly modified, and I changed her power. Her ability is to touch anything mechanical and digital and automatically know how to work it/know if it’s broken/know how to fix it, etc. It’s almost as if she can communicate with machines.

So here’s the characters we have for sure, and their superpowers. There are ten mutants, which are:

- Red (peregrine falcon hybrid)

- Trinity (fox hybrid)

- Ulric (gray wolf hybrid)

- Andy (telepath and other special powers)

- Katrina (digitally inclined: machine manipulation)

- Axel (super speed)

- Fang (“indestructibility”, super-strength, and a lot more)

- Aaron (microchiroptera [bug-eating bat] hybrid)

- Linda (domesticated cat hybrid), and…

- Trio (explosion personnel [more on this later])

If any of you remember these characters:

- Maxine (telekinesis), and…

- Kyle (pyrokinesis [fire manipulation])

Then it should be important to know that these characters are still around, only they have left the team.


Well, that’s for you to find out. The new blog, which continues the story (though time has passed), can be found here: http://theultimaterednewmutant.blogspot.com/.

I'll re-open the old blogs soon when I can monitor them more.

I’ve also dedicated a section of my DeviantArt account to The Ultimate, so illustrations can accompany it. It can be found here: http://rixwyn.deviantart.com/. This link can also be found on the new blog.

As of right now, the Ultimate is back up. Officially.

So enjoy!

- J

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aw Crap....

I've been putting off for some time that Maxine has completely gone over her head and decided to put together a prom for the Ultimate. I actually managed to smack her for this one.

Her fault, and it's everyone else's fault for going along with it.

"Aw Red, you are such a hater!" Trin had told me when I squawked. "Do you always have to be so serious?" True that I am kind of a downer that way, but this is asinine! There is no way I was going along with it.
And then Trinity said that I was jealous because I didn't have a boyfriend.
I mean, with the whole ultimate finding their significant other out there, I'm feeling kind of down...
Lessee here...we have:

Trinity and Ulric
Anona and Fang
Aaron and Linda

And that's pretty much it. But think about it. Having three couples at the same time? Kinda makes you feel peeved. Especially for someone such as myself, who had found her ideal guy only to discover he was a cold-hearted traitor.

Don't get me started.

So basically, I'm ready to barf. Maxine says it's a formal occasion and everyone must attend. I thought she was joking. Now I'm beginning to think she's insane.
Slow dances? Limos? Fang in a tux? Ulric groomed? Me in a dress?
It's a diabolic recipe for disaster. Max needs a good crack on the head to knock this childish notion out of her.

Le sigh...

Oh yeah. We picked up two new mutants. Little ones. Twin foxes. One's a boy and the other's a girl. Trin picked them up while I was hiding in my room, praying for redemption from prom. They are positively the most cutest things you have ever seen. Trinity's like their mother, Ulric's like their uncle, and Fang is their nanny.

More later. Gotta fly.

- Red

Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Mating Season"

Spring time to Red Starbird means allergies and yearly molt. Ulric is shedding his winter coat, as well as Trinity, and both have this sort of thing going on where both their sex drives bump up.
It's mating season, and love is in the air. Trinity's blog sums it up pretty well.
Poor Maxine. With all the tufts of fur and feathers everywhere, she's on wits end. She, for some reason, can't stand it, and must go around cleaning it. Ulric has recently decided that it was warm enough to go around shirtless, exposing his, um, abs and chest.
Okay, the wolf's got muscles! Is that anything of a novelty?
Mating Season means testosterone, which means Ulric has been challenging the guys to a muscle contest, and wanted the girls to be the judges. We all said no, but couldn't help ourselves in the end.
Fang won.
Those guys who didn't join the competition were Cody, Aaron, Axel and Andy. Cody and Aaron didn't because they are skinny twigs and didn't want to embarrass themselves, and Andy didn't because he's just a little one. Axel wasn't into it.
Speaking of which, Andy is walking around the house now, but he has to sit down from time-to-time. His legs are so thin it's heartbreaking. When I first found him, it practically broke my heart to see him so small and helpless. He's healthier now. Much. And he's like Fang's little brother! Also, he and Leanna are becoming inseparable playmates. Selina and Katrina have become something like close sisters, and love sharing poetry, looking at each other's playlists, and drawing on the faces of celebrities. Fang is happier than ever, though still a bit shy around the others. Anona looooooves him! I wonder when they're going to carve their names into a tree trunk.
Though not everyone in the Ultimate household is a happy camper.
Let's just say it's an Ulric vs. Kyle and Red vs. Max kind of deal. Max and I are used to being dominant, and Ulric and Kyle are enemies. Therefor, there's conflict.
Oy Vey...

Some things just can't change.

- Red

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fang on Suppressant (Holy SHIT)

So yeeeeaaahhh...
This past weekend I took the effort to see if there was any way I could inject suppressant into Fang. I had come up with a brilliant idea. Since Fang has been genetically engineered to have the skin of Superman, it's impossible to get a needle through his skin. So I thought, why not try injecting it under the tongue? I decided to give it a whirl.

It was possibly the scariest thing I've ever done.

Remember how Fang has retractable fangs, hence his name? Well, to be exact, the top canines are about and inch long when fully extended, and the base (where they are closest to the gums) are a little wider than the average canine. That's big.
To let you know, I figured this out when I first saw him yawn.
Anyway, sticking a sharp pointed object in Fang's mouth is not the safest stunt to pull off. If he bit down, I might have lost just the syringe if I was lucky. Then Kephason would have had to make me bionic fingers or something, which, while being cool, would kind of still suck.


I prepped Fang for the pain, and he said he could tolerate pain. Still, I didn't trust him not to bite my hand off. Sticking the needle in was tricky enough, and having Fang 's fangs looming over like that made it harder. He growled, but he didn't clamp his mouth shut. I managed to inject it all in.

And then, it happened.

The first time is rather painful, because you don't know what will come. After a few times you get more used to it. But Fang had collapsed on the floor, mainly due to the shape-changing of his legs. It was actually a bit gruesome to watch.
But once Fang was done shifting, us girls began to have a hard time.

Fang was positively drop-dead HAWT.

Like, shit man! Tall, lean, muscular, with beautiful hair, and the Prince Charming of all faces...

He's like the perfect blonde-haired blue-eyed guy from our fantasies. Like really, who hasn't dreamed up the perfect blondie? I'll admit shamelessly that I have.
At first, we thought the fantastical creature on the ground, wearing Fang's baggy clothes, had changed places with the Fang we knew while we weren't looking. But then we came to terms that that was Fang. Fang the Abominable, now Fang the Mr. Hunk.

Oh my. It was too much for us to take almost.

And then we all laughed when Fang stood up, because his pants fell down, and he had a gigantic rip in the back of them anyway to let his tail through. He slunked off all red-faced and embarrassed, walking awkwardly because his legs were different. We were back to staring at him adoringly after he changed into clothes that fit. (Or stayed on. Fang is the kind of guy who likes baggy clothes).

Then we went into town, and he was stared at...by everyone! Even more than Trinity was, and she is usually the one people stare at. Ulric had a hard time getting her attention, because her eyes were set on Fang (Trust me. You wouldn't be able to stop staring either). Some obnoxiously preppy Hollister-advertising girls even asked for his cell phone number, and he retorted that he didn't have a cell. True. He didn't. His claws had destroyed it a while ago.

And Anona was even more in love with him than before, and stayed by his side, occasionally showing mild public displays of affection, mainly to get everyone to stop staring, conveying that he was taken. Fang was trying to ignore everyone, but thought it something of no surprise that he was stared at. He would get attention no matter if he was repressed or not. The kind of attention differed, however. But he did enjoy Anona's small cuddles and hugs, since she was not normally like that, and he, despite the way he looked normally, was actually a cuddler. (If you can get past the whole "Fang=monster" deal, seeing him and Anona curled up on the couch is actually quite adorable).

But yeah. He got us into Watchmen, just by smiling at the girl at the front desk. Good movie, but I didn't dig the whole Mr. Manhattan-in-the-buff thing. Fang hid his head in Anona's shoulder during the more gruesome parts. Andy said that they reminded him of his past.


...Wait. How did a kid get in to see this movie? I swear that he can still trick people with his mind even when he is suppressed. Also reading Fang's mind...

Once the suppressant wore off (I gave him a small dose, and we were home again) Fang kind of moped around for the rest of the day, looking glum. He accidentally knocked over a lamp with his tail, and almost broke down crying with unhappiness.
"Why do I have to be so different!?!" he had yelled, and ran up to his bedroom.
Poor guy.
Anona talked to him, as well as Andy, who is like a little brother to him now. He felt better, but still unhappy. It was the first time he had ever gone out in public, and being able to do so, I learned, was a dream come true.

Well, it's late, and it's time to sign off.


- Red

Friday, March 6, 2009

And Now...

I'm 16!

Ulric said that now I'm 16, I'm considered "legal".
I can only guess what that sick wolf meant.
For my birthday, Trinity made me watch the entire first series of The 10th Kingdom, which is quite the adorable movie, actually. I got presents from those muties who cared, my favorite being that "Bottled Fart" Axel got me as a joke gift (since it's nothing more than a bottle with "Fart" labeled on the front and the Nutrition Facts listed on the back. I haven't opened it yet.)
And then we played Rockband and eventually got out a Karaoke machine. It got pretty crazy when the guys sang "Surfin' Bird" for me, which is probably the most ridiculous song I've ever heard in my entire life.
Then there was a piñata, and Maxine used her powers to mess everyone up, even Andy. It was Fang who broke it in the end.

Oh. Right. You haven't heard yet.

It was about a week or two ago when we made the discovery. Maxine thought it would be jolly fun to invade Fang's personal area, to see if she could dig up anything worth while. Fang's room is nothing but a mess, with torn curtains and knocked over lamps and such. (His tail is always swaying back and forth, and most of the time it causes things to knock over. The torn furniture is because he can't seem to keep his claws to himself). Anyway, Maxine comes out of the room carrying a warped, bent, stiff composition notebook, grinning maliciously. I knew what it was right away.

A diary. Fang kept a diary.

Kyle had then taken it from Max and opened it. Being the jerk he is, he laughed at Fang's shaky handwriting, horribly misspelled words and incomplete sentences. He managed to translate most of it, revealing things about Fang that proves that Andy was right all along.
Fang broke down crying when he saw. And then I asserted myself, teaching Maxine and Kyle a little lesson about personal belongings.
But Fang was hurt, and he sat on the couch sobbing for almost and hour, clutching his little weathered book close to him. He snarled at anyone who passed, but he let Andy hug him, as well as Anona. Fang blushed when she did (tee-hee). I think they like each other.

Everyone's been nicer to him after that. And Fang has been nice back. He's opened up a little more, and doesn't spend so much time in his room. He doesn't get mad or knock over things with his tail accidentally anymore. Which is good. He's become pretty good friends with Cody, surprisingly.

Everyone else is doing pretty well. Andy's learning to walk, since he's been rolling around in a wheelchair this whole time. Poor kid. His body has been damaged from all his brainpower.

Well, time to go. There's still a little bit of cake from downstairs that's calling my name.

- Red

Monday, February 16, 2009

Hah! Stole Max's Computarz

I can't believe Max can stand having such a tiny keyboard. Her computer is, like, eight inches across.
I assume one gets used to it after a while.
Oh yeah. I'm typing on Max's computer. Not that I asked permission or anything. Just kind of stole it when she wasn't watching it, and she watches it often, actually.
Things have been, as usual, busy, and since I don't spend much time on my computer much anymore, my posts have been pretty sparse...

Everything's chaotic, as usual.

We've all kind of gotten used to having a wild household. "Wild" loosely meaning "Fang's temper tantrums". Fang just kind of retreats to his bedroom now, occasionally coming out to eat and use the loo.
Ulric and Kyle have become enemies now (since both want to be dominate). Linda and Aaron are now dating, though, which is actually quite adorable.
Oh yeah, by the way, I saw Aaron's wings for the first time a few days ago. They connect under his arms and along the side of his body, and they are very obviously bat-wings. He's unsure about flying though. I don't know if he's ever flown before.
I also saw Cody's wings, too, and I was shocked/heartbroken when I saw them. He keeps them strapped to his back with belts, which I removed at my expense, and they're quite small. He can't fly, and will probably never fly, which is, as I said, heartbreaking, because I can't imagine life without wings.
Well, I can, and I have lived that life, but that's besides the point.
Perhaps Kephason can do something about Cody's stunted wings. I mean, poor guy...

Oh yeah. Andy.

Did I mention that Andy gave Fang a hug the other day? It scared the living shit out of me when he told me what he did. Fang didn't hurt him, he said. I checked to make sure he was telling the truth, you know, just to be sure. Andy said that Fang was lonely, and needed one. He can read Fang's mind now, because Andy found a "back door" into Fang's mind. Now that he found that door, he can look into Fang's brain as easily as he can with anyone else. He tries to stay out though, because apparently Fang's head is full of darkness, hatred, anger, loneliness, and sadness. He even had a nightmare of Fang's memories one night, which is why he gave him a hug the next day.
Andy also tells these things to Anona, because Anona seems to be the only one, other than Andy, who talks to the freak. I think she has a thing for him, though I hate to say it...

Recently, I've discovered that Fang can't be mutant-repressed. Not that the drug doesn't work, but the needle can't pierce his skin. He is, like, indestructible.
Fang was actually disappointed, because at the time, we were going out on a family outing, and he wanted to come....

Hmm. I think I outstayed my welcome in using Max's computer. I'd better get off and put back her computer before she finds out and throws me against the wall with her "force".


- Red

Friday, January 30, 2009

New Post!!!

Mozl Tof!!! New Post!

I've been seriously busy.
So we had to go mutant-hunting again, and we found Linda, who's a cute tabby-cat hybrid. She's fourteen and pretty shy, though she's taken a liking to Aaron, and he's taken a liking to her.
At least they're both mammals, right?
Then again, Trinity and Ulric are more related, considering they're both dogs, yet the gang doesn't appreciate them snoggling each other 24/7.
Anyway, after searching for muties, we come back, and Fang had torn the mansion upside-down. The others couldn't stop him for shit, and he went all Chuck Norris and turned the place into a war zone.

We threw him out that night.

Look, that freak needs to be chained up or something. He was getting way out of line, and when we came home and saw the place was a disaster, we all yelled at him.

And then he ran, and Maxine screamed at him to never come back.

I was pissed as well, but I have to say, that was a bit cold-hearted. But Fang didn't come home that night. Andy was feeling awful, because he could still feel Fang's emotions. He was telling me that Fang was feeling upset and regretful, and that he never really meant to get angry and tear everything apart.
"He was upset because he was left alone," said Andy. "And he's afraid when he's alone."
The next day, Anona found him, and brought him back.
We're not allowed to go outside unrepressed, and, even though Anona's power lets her turn into a gust of wind, Kephason was still mad about her going out.
But we got Fang back...
(...Why is that a good thing?)
Andy's happier now, though, which is all that matters.

So that's why I haven't been on in a while. A) Busy in general. B) Along with most of the household furnishings, the Linksys Wireless Router was demolished, compliments of Fang. It was a bitch and a half to get a new one.

So to tie up this post, I'll just list a few things I want to say:

1) Ulric has gone beastial again (reminds me of those happy golden days...)

2) And Trinity likes it (which, as you know, means she'll probably lose her virginity).

3) Kitty+Aaron = A cute sequence of blushing and turning away all embarrassed.

4) Maxine's cooking stinks (seriously, don't be in the house when she's making Squid dinner).

5) I'm probably am not going to be able to post often for a while.

'Till next time.