Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Mating Season"

Spring time to Red Starbird means allergies and yearly molt. Ulric is shedding his winter coat, as well as Trinity, and both have this sort of thing going on where both their sex drives bump up.
It's mating season, and love is in the air. Trinity's blog sums it up pretty well.
Poor Maxine. With all the tufts of fur and feathers everywhere, she's on wits end. She, for some reason, can't stand it, and must go around cleaning it. Ulric has recently decided that it was warm enough to go around shirtless, exposing his, um, abs and chest.
Okay, the wolf's got muscles! Is that anything of a novelty?
Mating Season means testosterone, which means Ulric has been challenging the guys to a muscle contest, and wanted the girls to be the judges. We all said no, but couldn't help ourselves in the end.
Fang won.
Those guys who didn't join the competition were Cody, Aaron, Axel and Andy. Cody and Aaron didn't because they are skinny twigs and didn't want to embarrass themselves, and Andy didn't because he's just a little one. Axel wasn't into it.
Speaking of which, Andy is walking around the house now, but he has to sit down from time-to-time. His legs are so thin it's heartbreaking. When I first found him, it practically broke my heart to see him so small and helpless. He's healthier now. Much. And he's like Fang's little brother! Also, he and Leanna are becoming inseparable playmates. Selina and Katrina have become something like close sisters, and love sharing poetry, looking at each other's playlists, and drawing on the faces of celebrities. Fang is happier than ever, though still a bit shy around the others. Anona looooooves him! I wonder when they're going to carve their names into a tree trunk.
Though not everyone in the Ultimate household is a happy camper.
Let's just say it's an Ulric vs. Kyle and Red vs. Max kind of deal. Max and I are used to being dominant, and Ulric and Kyle are enemies. Therefor, there's conflict.
Oy Vey...

Some things just can't change.

- Red


Poppy said...

xD Quick! Lock the children away from the sex-enhanced beast! >3

Hope those don't pose too much of a problem.

Apollo Morningstar said...

Here's hoping that they don't bring down the house, literally.

Now that Andy is in control of himself, have you considered asking him where Aleron is? Was he truley evil, or did he turn you in just to save his own skin and feathers. It's a win-win situation if you find him. If he regrets what he did then you two could make up (assuming you'd take him back), if he's evil then you can kick his ass, and get revenge. Sorry 'bout the questions but I have a burning curiosity.

Apollo Morningstar said...

Also I noticed that the link to Trinity's blog isn't working. They say the domain doesn't exist. Did she delete it?