Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Aw Crap....

I've been putting off for some time that Maxine has completely gone over her head and decided to put together a prom for the Ultimate. I actually managed to smack her for this one.

Her fault, and it's everyone else's fault for going along with it.

"Aw Red, you are such a hater!" Trin had told me when I squawked. "Do you always have to be so serious?" True that I am kind of a downer that way, but this is asinine! There is no way I was going along with it.
And then Trinity said that I was jealous because I didn't have a boyfriend.
I mean, with the whole ultimate finding their significant other out there, I'm feeling kind of down...
Lessee here...we have:

Trinity and Ulric
Anona and Fang
Aaron and Linda

And that's pretty much it. But think about it. Having three couples at the same time? Kinda makes you feel peeved. Especially for someone such as myself, who had found her ideal guy only to discover he was a cold-hearted traitor.

Don't get me started.

So basically, I'm ready to barf. Maxine says it's a formal occasion and everyone must attend. I thought she was joking. Now I'm beginning to think she's insane.
Slow dances? Limos? Fang in a tux? Ulric groomed? Me in a dress?
It's a diabolic recipe for disaster. Max needs a good crack on the head to knock this childish notion out of her.

Le sigh...

Oh yeah. We picked up two new mutants. Little ones. Twin foxes. One's a boy and the other's a girl. Trin picked them up while I was hiding in my room, praying for redemption from prom. They are positively the most cutest things you have ever seen. Trinity's like their mother, Ulric's like their uncle, and Fang is their nanny.

More later. Gotta fly.

- Red

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