Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Return of The Ultimate

This is god speaking, the creator of this story that ended in an abrupt and unexpected manner more than a year ago.

I stopped posting due to the fact I was unsatisfied where the story was going and the turns that it took. But now I realize the biggest mistake was to keep this story at bay for too long, since it heavily relies on the passing of time.

So now, after a year of thinking about it, I’ve decided to revive the Ultimate, with some edits.

Edit one:

The biggest; I’ve removed some minor characters (don’t worry. Ulric isn’t leaving). These characters are Selina, Anona, Faun, and the small twins briefly mentioned in Trinity’s blog.

Edit two:

Katrina’s character has been slightly modified, and I changed her power. Her ability is to touch anything mechanical and digital and automatically know how to work it/know if it’s broken/know how to fix it, etc. It’s almost as if she can communicate with machines.

So here’s the characters we have for sure, and their superpowers. There are ten mutants, which are:

- Red (peregrine falcon hybrid)

- Trinity (fox hybrid)

- Ulric (gray wolf hybrid)

- Andy (telepath and other special powers)

- Katrina (digitally inclined: machine manipulation)

- Axel (super speed)

- Fang (“indestructibility”, super-strength, and a lot more)

- Aaron (microchiroptera [bug-eating bat] hybrid)

- Linda (domesticated cat hybrid), and…

- Trio (explosion personnel [more on this later])

If any of you remember these characters:

- Maxine (telekinesis), and…

- Kyle (pyrokinesis [fire manipulation])

Then it should be important to know that these characters are still around, only they have left the team.


Well, that’s for you to find out. The new blog, which continues the story (though time has passed), can be found here: http://theultimaterednewmutant.blogspot.com/.

I'll re-open the old blogs soon when I can monitor them more.

I’ve also dedicated a section of my DeviantArt account to The Ultimate, so illustrations can accompany it. It can be found here: http://rixwyn.deviantart.com/. This link can also be found on the new blog.

As of right now, the Ultimate is back up. Officially.

So enjoy!

- J

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Apollo Morningstar said...

I decided on a whim to check your blog. Glad to see you're back.