Friday, January 30, 2009

New Post!!!

Mozl Tof!!! New Post!

I've been seriously busy.
So we had to go mutant-hunting again, and we found Linda, who's a cute tabby-cat hybrid. She's fourteen and pretty shy, though she's taken a liking to Aaron, and he's taken a liking to her.
At least they're both mammals, right?
Then again, Trinity and Ulric are more related, considering they're both dogs, yet the gang doesn't appreciate them snoggling each other 24/7.
Anyway, after searching for muties, we come back, and Fang had torn the mansion upside-down. The others couldn't stop him for shit, and he went all Chuck Norris and turned the place into a war zone.

We threw him out that night.

Look, that freak needs to be chained up or something. He was getting way out of line, and when we came home and saw the place was a disaster, we all yelled at him.

And then he ran, and Maxine screamed at him to never come back.

I was pissed as well, but I have to say, that was a bit cold-hearted. But Fang didn't come home that night. Andy was feeling awful, because he could still feel Fang's emotions. He was telling me that Fang was feeling upset and regretful, and that he never really meant to get angry and tear everything apart.
"He was upset because he was left alone," said Andy. "And he's afraid when he's alone."
The next day, Anona found him, and brought him back.
We're not allowed to go outside unrepressed, and, even though Anona's power lets her turn into a gust of wind, Kephason was still mad about her going out.
But we got Fang back...
(...Why is that a good thing?)
Andy's happier now, though, which is all that matters.

So that's why I haven't been on in a while. A) Busy in general. B) Along with most of the household furnishings, the Linksys Wireless Router was demolished, compliments of Fang. It was a bitch and a half to get a new one.

So to tie up this post, I'll just list a few things I want to say:

1) Ulric has gone beastial again (reminds me of those happy golden days...)

2) And Trinity likes it (which, as you know, means she'll probably lose her virginity).

3) Kitty+Aaron = A cute sequence of blushing and turning away all embarrassed.

4) Maxine's cooking stinks (seriously, don't be in the house when she's making Squid dinner).

5) I'm probably am not going to be able to post often for a while.

'Till next time.



Poppy said...

Sad. 3x Maybe it wasn't quite the best idea to leave him alone in the first place?


Machetemonkey said...

Let's just say that when I read about the new character, I'm surprised it wasn't male.

yes, I'm giving you s*** even over your blog. xD