Friday, March 6, 2009

And Now...

I'm 16!

Ulric said that now I'm 16, I'm considered "legal".
I can only guess what that sick wolf meant.
For my birthday, Trinity made me watch the entire first series of The 10th Kingdom, which is quite the adorable movie, actually. I got presents from those muties who cared, my favorite being that "Bottled Fart" Axel got me as a joke gift (since it's nothing more than a bottle with "Fart" labeled on the front and the Nutrition Facts listed on the back. I haven't opened it yet.)
And then we played Rockband and eventually got out a Karaoke machine. It got pretty crazy when the guys sang "Surfin' Bird" for me, which is probably the most ridiculous song I've ever heard in my entire life.
Then there was a piñata, and Maxine used her powers to mess everyone up, even Andy. It was Fang who broke it in the end.

Oh. Right. You haven't heard yet.

It was about a week or two ago when we made the discovery. Maxine thought it would be jolly fun to invade Fang's personal area, to see if she could dig up anything worth while. Fang's room is nothing but a mess, with torn curtains and knocked over lamps and such. (His tail is always swaying back and forth, and most of the time it causes things to knock over. The torn furniture is because he can't seem to keep his claws to himself). Anyway, Maxine comes out of the room carrying a warped, bent, stiff composition notebook, grinning maliciously. I knew what it was right away.

A diary. Fang kept a diary.

Kyle had then taken it from Max and opened it. Being the jerk he is, he laughed at Fang's shaky handwriting, horribly misspelled words and incomplete sentences. He managed to translate most of it, revealing things about Fang that proves that Andy was right all along.
Fang broke down crying when he saw. And then I asserted myself, teaching Maxine and Kyle a little lesson about personal belongings.
But Fang was hurt, and he sat on the couch sobbing for almost and hour, clutching his little weathered book close to him. He snarled at anyone who passed, but he let Andy hug him, as well as Anona. Fang blushed when she did (tee-hee). I think they like each other.

Everyone's been nicer to him after that. And Fang has been nice back. He's opened up a little more, and doesn't spend so much time in his room. He doesn't get mad or knock over things with his tail accidentally anymore. Which is good. He's become pretty good friends with Cody, surprisingly.

Everyone else is doing pretty well. Andy's learning to walk, since he's been rolling around in a wheelchair this whole time. Poor kid. His body has been damaged from all his brainpower.

Well, time to go. There's still a little bit of cake from downstairs that's calling my name.

- Red


Poppy said...

Awe, it was your birthday!? D< And why didn't I know of this? >>; Happy birthday. ^^ I'm going to be turning 18 in May, so I'll be legal (in some sense) Also, I'll be going to college! <3

Apollo Morningstar said...

I turned 16 back in October. It wasn't that big of a deal for me. I'm not much of a party person, so I just went out to eat with my family.
Did Dr. G get you a car? He could afford one, but when I think about it, you don't really need one.

Apollo Morningstar said...

Also totally off topic here, but can you send me some of that repressant.