Monday, February 16, 2009

Hah! Stole Max's Computarz

I can't believe Max can stand having such a tiny keyboard. Her computer is, like, eight inches across.
I assume one gets used to it after a while.
Oh yeah. I'm typing on Max's computer. Not that I asked permission or anything. Just kind of stole it when she wasn't watching it, and she watches it often, actually.
Things have been, as usual, busy, and since I don't spend much time on my computer much anymore, my posts have been pretty sparse...

Everything's chaotic, as usual.

We've all kind of gotten used to having a wild household. "Wild" loosely meaning "Fang's temper tantrums". Fang just kind of retreats to his bedroom now, occasionally coming out to eat and use the loo.
Ulric and Kyle have become enemies now (since both want to be dominate). Linda and Aaron are now dating, though, which is actually quite adorable.
Oh yeah, by the way, I saw Aaron's wings for the first time a few days ago. They connect under his arms and along the side of his body, and they are very obviously bat-wings. He's unsure about flying though. I don't know if he's ever flown before.
I also saw Cody's wings, too, and I was shocked/heartbroken when I saw them. He keeps them strapped to his back with belts, which I removed at my expense, and they're quite small. He can't fly, and will probably never fly, which is, as I said, heartbreaking, because I can't imagine life without wings.
Well, I can, and I have lived that life, but that's besides the point.
Perhaps Kephason can do something about Cody's stunted wings. I mean, poor guy...

Oh yeah. Andy.

Did I mention that Andy gave Fang a hug the other day? It scared the living shit out of me when he told me what he did. Fang didn't hurt him, he said. I checked to make sure he was telling the truth, you know, just to be sure. Andy said that Fang was lonely, and needed one. He can read Fang's mind now, because Andy found a "back door" into Fang's mind. Now that he found that door, he can look into Fang's brain as easily as he can with anyone else. He tries to stay out though, because apparently Fang's head is full of darkness, hatred, anger, loneliness, and sadness. He even had a nightmare of Fang's memories one night, which is why he gave him a hug the next day.
Andy also tells these things to Anona, because Anona seems to be the only one, other than Andy, who talks to the freak. I think she has a thing for him, though I hate to say it...

Recently, I've discovered that Fang can't be mutant-repressed. Not that the drug doesn't work, but the needle can't pierce his skin. He is, like, indestructible.
Fang was actually disappointed, because at the time, we were going out on a family outing, and he wanted to come....

Hmm. I think I outstayed my welcome in using Max's computer. I'd better get off and put back her computer before she finds out and throws me against the wall with her "force".


- Red


Poppy said...

Now I wanna hug Fnag. Maybe he's like, traumitized, or something. There has to be some sort of reason why he is the way he is.

Maxine said...

You little flying rat!!!
I'm gonna pulverize you the next time I see you!!!
And NEVER touch my computer again!!!

Apollo Morningstar said...
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Apollo Morningstar said...

Found your blog when I was googling Avian Hybrid. I spent 3 days going through your first blog so I would be caught up, so now I am working on your second one. Hope that you are still posting, cuz it's really interesting.